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Milling Radius Window Heads

I recently worked on a custom home that required radius window trim. It’s always a challenging and interesting task to create this special kind of finish carpentry trim, so I thought I’d write a bit about it.

There are a few ways to go about making radius window head pieces. The approach you use depends on the brand and model of window you are casing. In this example, we are working with ‘Eagle Brand’ windows which are manufactured with the jam piece in place. In other words, to trim out the window, all we had to install were the sill, apron, casing legs, and head piece.

In some cases, you can template the radius portion of the window and have the millwork supplier fabricate them for you. This is a pretty expensive option, and for this particular project, supplier wanted $250.00 dollars a piece. We had eleven windows in this house, and we were able to make the head pieces in approximately 2.5 working days. This amounted to substantial savings we were able to pass on to the client.

Here is how we made these particular window head pieces. Continue reading